2019, November 28: A Close Venus – Moon Conjunction

As Venus enters the evening sky and appears with Jupiter and Saturn, the moon passes Venus on the evening of November 28.  The moon appears 1.9° to the upper left of the Venus.

The chart above shows the scene about 45 minutes after sunset, looking southwest.  Locate an observing location free from obstructions, such as trees, houses, and buildings.  Venus is only 7° up in the southwest.

Use a binocular to note the thin crescent and that the night portion is gently illuminated by sunlight reflecting from Earth.  The moon is only 6% illuminated and 2.3 days past its New phase.

Venus is the brightest “star” in that part of the sky.  Jupiter is slightly dimmer and to the lower right of Venus.  Saturn is to the upper left of Venus.

Venus and the moon appear in the viewfinder of a camera with a 300 mm focal length lens.  A longer exposure reveals Earthshine on the moon.

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