2020, March: Morning Planet Parade

Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars, March 30, 2020
2020, March 30: Mars is 1.2° to the lower right of Saturn.

Highlights for the month:

For those readers wanting more details, click Semi-technical daily notes for the month

The three bright outer planets – Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars – shine in the southeastern sky before sunrise.  Look about one hour before sunrise.

On the image above, the planets span nearly 19°.  Jupiter is the brightest planet in the group.  Saturn is to the lower left, near the horizon.  Mars, dimmer than Saturn, appears to the upper Jupiter’s upper left.

The charts on this page identify two stars that can be used to note how the planets are moving.  The stars are not as bright as the planets, but they make an unmoving background to watch the eastward motion of the planets.

Each morning the scene changes with Mars getting closer to Jupiter.  Jupiter slowly ambles toward Saturn for the Great Conjunction that occurs in December 2020.

Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, March 15, 2020

On March 15, Jupiter is over 15° up in the southeast. The Red Planet, only 2.7° to Jupiter’s upper right, continues to close the gap on the Giant Planet. Saturn is 7.4° to Jupiter’s lower left. The three planets span 10.1° this morning.

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