2020, May 13: Moon and Bright Morning Planets

2020: May 13: The gibbous moon appears 8.7° to the lower left of Saturn. The Jupiter – Saturn gap is 4.7°.

The gibbous moon appears in the morning planet parade with Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars.

by Jeffrey L. Hunt

Through a thin veil of clouds, the gibbous moon (overexposed in the image) is 8.7° to the lower left of Saturn. Jupiter is inching eastward among the stars toward its Great Conjunction with Saturn on December 21, 2020. This morning they are 4.7° apart.

Saturn is retrograding, appearing to move west among the stars. Jupiter’s retrograde begins tomorrow.

Mars shines from the southeast. This morning it is nearly 33° from Jupiter. Mars continues to march away from Jupiter and Saturn.

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