2020: Great Conjunction Slideshow


This is a slide show of the appearance of Jupiter and Saturn leading up to the Great Conjunction of December 21, 2020. This is the closest conjunction of the two planets since 1623.

For more about the Great Conjunction, read our feature article. This is the closest Jupiter – Saturn conjunction since 1623.

2021, March 13: Mars, Star Clusters

March 13, 2021: Mars continues its eastward march through Taurus. It is between the Pleiades star cluster and the Hyades star cluster.

2021, March 13: Jupiter, Saturn Morning Planets

March 13, 2021: With the vernal equinox a week away, daylight nears 12 hours. The moon is at its New phase this morning. Two morning planets, Jupiter and Saturn are in the southeastern sky before sunrise.

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