2021, March 26: Venus at Superior Conjunction

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2021, March 26. Venus is at superior conjunction. The sun is between Venus and Earth.

March 26, 2021:  Venus reaches its superior conjunction today.  The sun is between Earth and the planet.

by Jeffrey L. Hunt

Venus reaches its superior conjunction and begins a slow climb into the evening sky.  Its first evening appearance does not occur until about April 19 when it sets at about Civil Twilight.  This occurs when the sun is 6° below the horizon.  During mid-April this occurs about 30 minutes after sunset.

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The planet moves higher into the western evening sky through the rest of the year.  It has a conjunction with Mars during the summer.

Near year’s end it is in a dashing grouping with the crescent moon.  Venus – near its maximum brilliance – stands above a razor-thin moon on December 6.

Venus and Mercury revolve around the sun faster than Earth.  Imagine a nearly circular track where the runners stay in their lanes and the runners on the inner lanes run faster than those on the outside lanes.  Eventually, the runners in the inside lap those farther out. 

Earth laps the planets farther from the sun and Mercury and Venus laps our planet.  Venus was visible in the morning during the summer and autumn.  It moved away and into the sun’s glare on the far side of its orbital path.  This month it moves so that the sun is between Earth and Venus (superior conjunction).

With Venus’ faster speed, it eventually catches us and passes between Earth and the sun (inferior conjunction).

Venus now begins an evening appearance that ends early next year.

Happy Venus superior conjunction day!

2021, April 28: Evening Star Venus, Mercury, Mars, Moon

April 28, 2021: Evening Star Venus and bright Mercury are low in the west-northwest during bright evening twilight.  Later during the evening, Mars is at the feet of Gemini.  Use a binocular to spot the star cluster Messier 35 below the Red Planet.  Near midnight, the moon is in the southeast near Antares.

2021, April 28: Morning Moon in Pincers, Jupiter Saturn

Advertisements April 28, 2021: This morning the bright moon appears to be caught in the pincers of the Scorpion and near the creature’s forehead.  Bright morning planets Jupiter and Saturn are in the southeast before sunrise. by Jeffrey L. Hunt Chicago, Illinois:  Sunrise, 5:51 a.m. CDT; Sunset, 7:46 p.m. CDT.  Check local sources for sunrise… Read More ›

2021, April 27: Morning Pink Moon, Jupiter Saturn

April 27, 2021: The bright Pink Moon is in the southwest before sunrise, near the southern pincer of the Scorpion.  Jupiter and Saturn are in the southeast moving eastward compared to the starry background.

2021, April 26: Evening Star Venus, Mercury, Mars, Pink Moon

April 26, 2021:  The perigee full moon (supermoon), known as the Pink Moon, occurs this evening.  Evening star Venus and Mercury are above the west-northwest horizon after sunset. Use a binocular to see Mars closest to the star cluster Messier 35.

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  1. In the meantime, you can watch Venus passing through the glare of the Sun. https://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime-images.html Mercury will join Venus in April. Look for Venus and Mercury in the SOHO C3 camera, to the left and right of the Sun, around April 14th. Mercury catches up to Venus on the 16th.

    • Jeffrey L. Hunt – Jeffrey L. Hunt is an educational technologist living in suburban Chicago. When he's not learning about and implementing technology in classes, he's running or looking at the stars.

      Mercury is at superior conjunction on April 18. Mercury passes Venus on April 25. Both are very low in the west-northwest at 20 minutes after sunset. From equations by Jean Meeus, Venus should be visible. Mercury is at magnitude -1.6 and might be visible to the unaided eye, although a cloud-free horizon and exceptional weather conditions are needed. On this evening Mercury is 1.2 degrees to the upper right of Venus.

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