2021, June 11: Venus – Moon Conjunction

June 11, 2021:  During the early evening brilliant Evening Star Venus and the crescent moon appear together in the west-northwest after sunset.  The pairing is the second closest during this appearance of Venus in the evening sky.

2021, June 11, The crescent moon is to the lower right of Venus.
Chart Caption – 2021, June 11, The crescent moon is to the lower right of Venus.

by Jeffrey L. Hunt

Walk outside about 45 minutes after sunset.  Look to the west-northwest.  A clear view across the sky is needed to see the grouping of Venus and the crescent.

A spot on a hillside or elevated structure is helpful.  Take along a binocular to initially see the crescent.

Brilliant Venus is shining through the spectacular hues of sunset.  It is about 8° up in the west-northwest. The crescent moon, 2% illuminated, is 2.8° to the lower right of Venus.

Venus and the moon set about 90 minutes after sunset.  As the sky darkens, they are lower in the sky.

2021, May 12: The moon is 1.2 degrees to the left of brilliant Venus.
Photo Caption – 2021, May 12: The moon is 1.2 degrees to the left of brilliant Venus. This was the closest grouping of the pair for this evening appearance of Venus.

Photograph the pairing with a tripod-mounted camera.  Depending on the sky’s brightness and the camera’s settings, exposures can range from fractions of a second to a few seconds.

Next month, the moon is in the region again on July 11 and July 12.

Follow the moon during the next few evenings after its grouping with Venus as it moves higher in the western sky, passing Mars.

Articles and Summaries

2021, May 13: The crescent moon is 3.2° to the upper left of Mercury.

2021, August 9: Evening Moon, Mars

August 9, 2021: After the New moon yesterday morning, the crescent moon appears in the evening sky during bright twilight near Mars.

2021, May 13: Brilliant Venus, Mercury, and the crescent moon in the evening sky.

2021, August 3: Four Evening Planets: Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter

August 3, 2021:  Four planets appear in the evening sky.  Brilliant Evening Star Venus and dim Mars are in the west after sunset.  A little later during the evening, Saturn and Jupiter are easily visible in the southeast.

Saturn (NASA)

2021, August 2: Saturn at Opposition

August 2, 2021: Saturn is at opposition with the sun.  Earth is between the sun and the planet.

2020, July 17: The crescent moon appears near Venus before sunrise. The night portion of the moon is gently illuminated by earthshine.

2021: August 1 – 6: Morning Moon, Bright Stars

August 1 – 6, 2021:  The morning moon wanes toward its New moon phase in the eastern sky.  It passes the bright stars that are prominent in the evening sky during the winter season in the northern hemisphere.  The stars have been making their first appearances in the morning sky during summer.  At this hour, Procyon and bright Sirius are the last stellar duo to appear.

2021, July 8: The flowers celebrate summer.

2021, August 6: Summer’s Midpoint

August 6, 2021:  In the northern hemisphere, summer’s midpoint occurs today at 6:27 p.m. CDT.

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