2016, August 4: 5 Planets in Evening Sky


During August 2016 the five naked eye planets can be seen in the south and western sky, although binoculars and a clear western horizon are needed to make the initial observations of Venus and Mercury..  Venus is slowly emerging from the sun’s glare.  The chart above shows the planets on the evening of August 4, because the moon will help us locate Mercury and Venus.  Locate a clear horizon looking west.  Venus stands about 3 degrees above the western horizon.  While it is bright in the twilight, binoculars may be needed to first locate it.  A thin crescent moon appears 10 degrees to the upper left of Venus, with Mercury  2 degrees to the upper right of the Moon.  Jupiter is higher to the upper left of the moon (14 degrees).  Saturn and Mars are in the southern sky, near the star Antares.

The five planets can be seen throughout early to mid-August before Mercury disappears into the sun’s glare.

Here is our Youtube video explaining the visibility of these planets.

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