2020, May 22: Venus and Mercury in the Evening Sky

2020, May 22: Venus, Mercury, and Elnath make a compact triangle. Venus is 1.6° to the lower right of Mercury; Venus is 3.8° below Elnath; and the Mercury – Elnath gap is 3.4°.

Mercury Joins Venus in the Evening Sky

by Jeffrey L. Hunt

This evening Mercury appears 1.6° to the upper left of brilliant Evening Star Venus. Mercury continues to move beyond Venus. Venus is leaving the evening sky as it moves between our planet Earth and the sun on June 3.

Mercury is beginning its short evening journey before it heads to the morning sky in July where it joins four bright morning planets for an infrequent opportunity to see the five naked-eye planets simultaneously.

The star Elnath – the Northern Horn of Taurus – 3.8° above Venus.

The moon enters the scene tomorrow evening.

Here’s more about Mercury in the evening sky.

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Looking ahead, here’s the Venus as a Morning Star, 2020-2021, article


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      Watch it pop into the morning sky during June.

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