2020, May 23: Venus and Mercury

2020, May 23: Brilliant Venus appears with Mercury and Elnath in the evening sky.

by Jeffrey L. Hunt

Expecting to see the moon with Venus, storm clouds prevented the view. When the sky cleared, the moon had set. Venus sparkled low in the west-northwest. In the image above, Venus, Mercury, and Elnath are grouped into a pretty triangle. Mercury is 3.5° to the upper left of Venus and 3.1° to the lower left of Elnath The Venus- Elnath gap is 4.2°.

Venus is rapidly leaving the evening sky. In a few evenings it no longer appears there. After mid-June, it appears low in the east-northeast before sunrise.

Mercury is entering the evening sky for a brief appearance.

Here’s more about Mercury in the evening sky.

Read this article for more about Venus as an Evening Star.

Looking ahead, here’s the Venus as a Morning Star, 2020-2021, article.

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