2022, January: Venus Into Bright Twilight, Inferior Conjunction

2022, January 3: Thirty minutes after sunset Venus and the moon are only 4° up in the west-southwest about 30 minutes after sunset. The moon is 11° to left of the planet.

Venus sets at Nautical Twilight on New Year’s Day 2022.  It is rapidly moving between the earth and sun, setting about 7 minutes earlier each evening.  In only five days it sets at Civil Twilight and then passes inferior conjunction at 6:48 p.m. CST on January 8, 2020.  The first morning visibility of Venus starts 3-4 days after the conjunction.  It’ll appear about 4° in altitude above the east-southeastern horizon during late morning twilight.

Just three evenings into the new year, catch the crescent moon with Venus.  They are only 4° up in the west-southwest about 45 minutes after sunset.  The moon is 11° to left of the planet.

2022: January 8: Venus is at inferior conjunction, between Earth and Sun. It rapidly moves into the morning sky.

On January 8, Venus moves between Earth and the sun (inferior conjunction).  Less than a week after its conjunction ir appears very low in the east-southeast before sunrise.

Venus as an Evening Star Article

2021, April 25: Mercury-Venus Conjunction, Mars, Bright Moon

April 25, 2021: Mercury passes Evening Star Venus this evening after sunset.  Look low in the western sky about 20 minutes after sunset.  Mars is marching eastward in Gemini, near the star cluster Messier 35.  The bright moon is near Spica.

2021, April 24: Evening Star, Bright Mercury, Venus, Mars, Gibbous Moon

April 24, 2021:  Brilliant Evening Star Venus and bright Mercury are entering the evening sky.  They are low in the west-northwest during evening twilight.  The bright moon is in the southeast in Virgo.  Mars moves into Gemini as it approaches the star cluster Messier 35.

2021, April 24: Lunar Occultation, Morning Planets, Jupiter Saturn

April 24, 2021:  The bright gibbous moon is near a star in Virgo during the early morning.  From parts of the Western Hemisphere, the moon covers the star.  Before sunrise, bright morning planets, Jupiter and Saturn are in the southeast before sunrise.

2021, April 23: Evening Star Venus, Mercury, Mars, Moon

April 23, 2021: Evening Star Venus and Mercury are entering the evening sky.  They are found very low in the west-northwest after sunset.  The bright moon is in the southeastern sky during the early evening.  Mars is moving toward the star cluster Messier 35.

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