Sky Watching

2021, June 10: Annular Eclipse

June 10, 2021: From Eastern Canada to Eastern Russia, the moon incompletely blocks the sun.  A ring of sunlight is visible around the new moon, making an annular or ring eclipse.  From New England, a partial eclipse is visible as the sun rises.  The maximum eclipse visible from US locations is less than 80%.

2021, Early June: Chasing the Bear

Early June Evenings, 2021:  Arcturus, with the constellation Boötes, is high in the south as evening twilight ends.  The constellation seems to follow or chase the Big Bear westward.  Most people recognize the body and tail of the Bear as the Big Dipper.

2021, May 31: Goodbye, Mercury!

May 31, 2021: The planet parade is cut to four bright participants as Mercury departs the evening sky after tonight’s final appearance.  “Goodbye, Mercury!” until it appears in the morning sky during early summer.  This morning the moon is near Saturn and Jupiter in the southeastern sky. Brilliant Evening Star Venus, dim Mercury, and Mars are in the evening sky.

2021, May 29: Evening Star Venus, Mercury, Mars

May 29, 2021: Three planets are in the evening sky.  Brilliant Venus is low in the west-northwest after sunset.  Speedy Mercury is leaving the sky after its best evening performance of the year.  It is below Venus.  Mars is higher in the western sky, in Gemini to the lower left of Pollux.