lunar eclipse

2022, May 15: Lunar Eclipse, Morning Planet Gems

May 15, 2022: Look for a spectacular perigee lunar eclipse after sunset.  This occurs between the Scorpion’s pincers and forehead.  Before sunrise, four bright planets are in the eastern sky.

2021, May 26: Lunar Eclipse, Morning Worlds

May 26, 2021:  This morning a lunar eclipse occurs.  Your view of event depends on your location.  Better views are farther west in the US and Canada.  Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Ocean experience the entire eclipse.  Bright morning planets Jupiter and Saturn are in the southeastern sky.

2021, May 25: Morning Planets, Jupiter, Saturn

May 25, 2021:  The bright moon is in the southwest this morning.  Bright Jupiter and Saturn are in the southeastern sky before sunrise.  Jupiter, brighter than all the stars this morning, is moving eastward among the stars of Aquarius.  Saturn, to the upper right of Jupiter, is retrograding in Capricornus.