2021, July 20: A Five-Planet Feast

July 20, 2021: The five planets are visible during the nighttime hours.  Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury are in the morning sky.  Venus and Mars hang above the western horizon after sunset, followed by Jupiter and Saturn return to the evening sky.

2021, June 17: Morning Planets

June 17, 2021:  At mid-month, bright Jupiter and Saturn are in the southern sky before sunrise.  Saturn is retrograding in Capricornus.  Jupiter’s eastward direction is slowing as it turns westward to retrograde beginning June 21.

2021, May 23: Planet Parade Marches On

May 23, 2021:  Five bright planets parade across the sky.  Jupiter and Saturn are visible before sunrise in the southeastern sky.  The star Fomalhaut is becoming visible below bright Jupiter and near the horizon.   After sundown, Evening Star Venus, Mercury, and Mars are in the western sky.  The bright moon is in the southeastern sky during the nighttime hours.