2021, July 20: A Five-Planet Feast

July 20, 2021: The five planets are visible during the nighttime hours.  Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury are in the morning sky.  Venus and Mars hang above the western horizon after sunset, followed by Jupiter and Saturn return to the evening sky.

2021, July 18: Planetary Platter

July 18, 2021: All five bright planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn – are visible during the nighttime hours. Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury in the sky before sunrise.  Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are in the sky after sundown.

2021, July 1, Saturn – Mars Opposition

July 1, 2021:  Saturn and Mars are in opposite directions in the sky.  Mars sets as Saturn rises. In about a week, the two planets are visible in the sky at the same time.  This event signals that the planet parade is starting to reorganize. During July, three other planet – planet oppositions occur, leading up to a challenging view of the five bright planets during mid-August.