2021, March 30: Bright Moon, 3 Planets

March 30, 2021: The bright moon is in the southwest before sunrise, to the upper left of Spica.  Saturn and Jupiter are low in the southeastern sky.  After sunset, Mars is in the west-southwest in front of Taurus.  The gibbous moon is low in the southeast, near Zubenelgenubi, four hours after sunset.

2021, March 27: Bright Morning Planets, Bright Moon, Mars

March 27, 2021: Jupiter and Saturn are the bright morning planets in the southeast before sunrise.  In the evening, the nearly full moon’s light nearly washes away the dimmer stars.  It is in front of the stars of Virgo and to the lower left of Leo.  Mars continues its eastward march in Taurus.  Find the Red Planet in the west after sunset.

2021, March 23: Three Bright Planets, Evening Moon

March 23, 2021: Jupiter and Saturn continue to slowly climb into the morning sky. They are low in the southeastern sky before sunrise. Brighter Jupiter is to the lower left of Saturn. In the evening sky the bright gibbous moon is in Cancer to the lower left of the Gemini Twin Pollux. Mars is in Taurus near Tau Tauri.