2021, September 23:  Venus Passes a Claw

September 23, 2021:  Three bright planets shine in the sky during the early evening.  Brilliant Venus is in the southwestern sky after sunset.  This evening it passes Zubenelgenubi – “the southern claw.”  Bright Jupiter and Saturn are in the southeastern sky during the early evening.

2021, March 30: Bright Moon, 3 Planets

March 30, 2021: The bright moon is in the southwest before sunrise, to the upper left of Spica.  Saturn and Jupiter are low in the southeastern sky.  After sunset, Mars is in the west-southwest in front of Taurus.  The gibbous moon is low in the southeast, near Zubenelgenubi, four hours after sunset.

2021, September – October: Venus and the Scorpion

Venus moves through the classic Scorpion (Libra, Scorpius, and Ophiuchus) during 46 days. Venus sets later each evening and brightens in the sky. On October 9, the moon is near Venus and Delta Scorpii. A week later, Venus passes Antares. Look for an evening half phase through a telescope near the end of October and the evening greatest elongation.