2021, May 10: Five Planets on Parade

May 10, 2021: Five planets are on display.  Jupiter and Saturn are visible in the southeastern sky before sunrise.  Brilliant Venus, Mercury, and Mars shine from the western sky after sunset.  Only the sun disrupts a continuous view of the five worlds.

2021, May 8: Watch the Planet Parade

May 8, 2021: Five planets are visible during morning and evening appearances.  Jupiter and Saturn are visible before sunrise.  Daylight interrupts the viewing until evening, when Venus, Mercury, and Mars are visible in the west after sundown.

2021, May 6: 24 Hours, 5 Planets, Moon

May 6, 2021: During a 24-hour period, the five bright planets and the moon are visible.  Before sunrise this morning, Saturn, Jupiter, and the crescent moon are lined up in the southeast.  After sunset, brilliant Evening Star Venus is visible after sunset.  As the sky darkens Mercury, then Mars, appears in the western sky.